Barbell Olympic Triceps Bar Threaded Solid Chrome Triceps Hammer Curl Bar Weightlifting Exercise Training Bars for Home Gym

Package Size: ‎88.26 x 17.27 x 2.79 cm; 3.4
Material: Solid steel, chrome plated
Weight: 3.5kgs
logo: Availbale
Color: Customized
MOQ: 50pcs
Type: Weight lifting
Bear-loading: 300 pounds
serial number: GL003

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Product details:

【Dimensions】: The total length of the tricep bar is 34”, end diameter:1”, and ends length is 8”, gross weight:7.5lbs, includes 2 star-shaped lock rings. Note – no collars included.
【Durable Material】Our tricep barbell bar is made of solid steel, chrome-plated, solid and durable, suitable for for standing tricep presses, hammer curls, supine lockouts and skull crushers.. Weight capacity: 300lbs.
【Comfortable To Use】There is no issues with welds or chrome plating of our tricep bar. The knurling is even and aggressive enough for good grip but not painful to grab.
【Stable & Safe】The design of hexagonal lock rings and screw threads will reduce the risk of heavy objects falling, providing more safety.
【Fitness Gym Weight Bar】 Triceps workout is a must if you want to show off big arms. Using our products, you can exercise your biceps and triceps better and become stronger.

The benefits of keeping exercise:

Due to the construction of the barbell, you can adjust movement performance to accommodate every individual’s unique body proportions of torso and limb lengths.
Barbells and dumbbells allow novices to do exercises that mimic bodyweight movements but utilize a load smaller than the body provides. For example, with dumbbells or a barbell you can do bench presses with a load as little as 10 or 15 pounds, whereas a standard push up requires the strength to push about 65% of your bodyweight.
Weight plates allow you to increase resistance in very small increments. I use plates as small as an eighth of a pound. By using small plates you can increase resistance in small doses, to which your body can more quickly and easily adapt. For example, you can progress in your pull ups or dips by one or two pounds of resistance at a time, which provides positive motivation for continuing to train, whereas with bodyweight movements alone it can be hard to identify small improvements in performance.
Related to the above, using barbells you can more easily identify and track the resistance you are using. For example, suppose you have mastered basic pull-ups, and next progress to a tuck L-sit pull up. By this change in levers, how much have you increased the resistance? Unknown. Also, if you change the position of your tuck L-sit only slightly, you can either increase or decrease the difficulty of the pull-up. How do you standardize the performance so that you are certain that you are doing the exercise progressively from session to session? Using weight plates simplifies and objectifies progression.
Barbells, dumbbells and weight plates are also useful for performing weighted flexibility and mobility exercises, which many adults need to overcome mobility deficits due to years of limited ranges of motion.
Barbells and dumbbells are relatively inexpensive compared to exercise machines and gym memberships, and very durable. If well cared for, a quality set of cast iron weights and a power rack will last for several generations at least.

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