Barbell Bar Olympic Dumbbell Handles 20″ Loadable Dumbbell Bars for 2″ Olympic Weight Plates

Size: ‎52.58 x 16.76 x 7.37 cm
Weight:  3.55 kg
Color: Show as picture or custom
Logo: Available
Material: Steel
Package contains: * 2 Olympic dumbbell bars
* 4 spring collars
serial number: GL004

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* Material: solid steel
* Weight :8 LBS (each rod + 2 springs)
* Length: 50.8cm
* Adjustable weight: suitable for 2 inch center hole weight plate
* * Maximum load :300 LBS (1 pair)

* Made of solid steel.Super-tight Spring Collars, High-definition non-slip spiral pattern on the loading area, to better fix the dumbbells and prevent them from falling off.
* 150 LB weight capacity for single dumbbell handle. Olympic Dumbbell Handle’s sleeve is rotatable in order to reduce the pressure on the wrist during use.
* Accomodates 2 inch weight plates. One-piece sleeve design in the loading area ensures that the product will not break.Olympic Dumbbell Handle’s set of simple with hexagonal screws can be removed for easy replacement.
* Knurled Grip.Electroplating process, increases the friction between the hand and the rod, no slippage.
Package contains:2*Olympic Dumbbell Handles+4* Spring Barbell Collars.

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Build arm, back, and shoulder strength with these dumbbell handles! These dumbbell sets are made of high quality steel and will not bend or break in normal use. This pair of weight lifting handles features a threaded surface and 4 durable spring locks that securely hold the 2-inch plate in place during training and workouts to ensure *. You can also easily add more than one barbell chip as needed to complete your daily workout.

Our adjustable dumbbell bars are ideal for all stages of exercise. They can be used in personal fitness rooms, garages or basements, as well as in professional sports clubs to shape and move arms. Hope to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience to help you achieve your goals.

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