Olympic Barbell Bar 4ft/5ft/7ft for 2 Inch Weight Plates Curl Bar Perfect for Home Fitness (330lb/400lb/700lb/1000lb/1500lb)

Material Alloy Steel
Brand YW Realsport
Item Weight 44 Pounds
Grip Type Knurled
Item Dimensions LxWxH 87 x 2 x 2 inches
Grip Size 28mm
Weight Limit 1500 Pounds
Finish Type Chrome
serial number: GL007

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1.Material of Olympic barbell: The Olympic weightlifting bar is made of high-grade steel, the surface is chrome-plated, and it has high-strength oxidation resistance. The high tensile strength of 190000 PSI can meet various load-bearing requirements.

2.Size of weightlifting bar: Total length 87in/7ft, sleeve length 16in, grip diameter 28mm, sleeve diameter 2in, the grip part is designed with 1.2mm diamond knurling to increase friction and effective anti-skid. Improve safety during exercise.

3.Capacity of weight bar: The weight of the Olympic Barbell is 20kg/44lb, and the weight-bearing capacity is 1500lb. You can use the weightlifting bar alone for landmine training, or you can add weight plates at both ends for strength training.

4.Uses of strength training bar: Ideal for competition training, home gyms, garage gyms and group fitness facilities. It’s used to increase strength by squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, and overhead pressing.

5.Barbell Training Workout: When doing the barbell exercises like squat, bench press, overhead press, and deadlift , you use multiple muscle groups at once, you can work your entire body with one move.

6.Build strength and fuel your muscle growth by engaging large muscle groups with the CAP Barbell Olympic Trap, Shrug, and Deadlift Bar. This bar features neutral placed grips for comfort and elevated sleeves for less strain on the back muscles. The incorporate feet protect floors from getting scratched and scuffed up by weight plates and help balance the bar while loading and unloading weights. The compact design of this basic trap, shrug, and deadlift bar will take up a minimal amount of space in your home gym. CAP’s Basic Trap, Hex, Shrug, Deadlift bars are a serious addition to any home gym. Designed to handle heavy weight safely and securely with coatings applied that last through the most grueling workout.

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