Smart Hula Hoop Weighted Hoops for Adults Weight Loss,Adjustable Non-Fall Hoops with Digital Counter

Brand: YW Real
SKU: Blue,Pink,Black,Purple or customized color
Material: ABS
OEM&ODM: Available
MOQ: 50pcs
Sections: 24 or more
Package Dimensions: 14.76 x 14.36 x 3.15 inches
serial number: HLQ008

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【Innovative Fitness&Massage】YW Real upgraded hoola exercise hoop can not only help you to burn calories for full body, but also 360°deeply massage your waist and relieve fatigue with the auto-spinning lovely heart shape gravity ball in the same time.Whole Full body fat burning speeds up quickly with upgraded 15 massage joints and 176 contact massage points.A good combination of exercise and relaxation.
【Adjustable & Easy to Use】The smart hoola fitness hoop contains 15 detachable knots which can be easily remove and install by pressing the button.The weighted Hoola hoop for exercise can be adjusted to 16(suit for 80cm / 31.49 inch) to 24(120cm / 47.24 inch) sections according to the waist which fits all sizes and shapes.
【Ultra Quiet System Makes Better Experience】The latest technilogy makes the connection of knots extremely smoothly and 360°gravity ball slides more quietly.The sound can be controlled at 50DB even after millions times of workout.You can enjoy an effective full-body work out withourt disturnbing others.The non-slip weighted hoop also ensures a better workout experience.
【Burn Calories With Exactly Calculated Data】Tired of going to the gym with extra time and cost,you can choose the intelligient hoola fitness hoop.Easy to move,easy to carry without taking much space.The recommanded using time is 30mins per day for weight loss and bulid your body.The digital monitor will records TIME,REPS,CALORIES exactly by selecting the modes.The visualized workout make you clear about your exericise effect to make a more exact training schedule to achieve your exercise goal.
【Quality-assured&Service Promised】Made of safe ABS plastic material,the hula ring hoop is durable and skin-friendly.Please read the instructions which is included in the package before workout.We are devoted to provide the most satisfying Pre-sales and after-sales service.If you have any issues,we are ready for help.

Product Description

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YW RealUpgraded Weighted Hula circle hoop is easy to use and will never fall compares with normal hoola fitness hoop.The 2 in 1 hoola fitness hoop can not only helps you to burn calories quickly,release your phisical fatigue,but also can massage your waist muscle with 360 degree.It is perfect for adults and beginners to lose weight.

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360°Surrounded Massage

Upgraded Shock-absorption 15 massage
✹ 176 contact massage points
✹ Deep stimulation,improve the exercise effect,speed up burning calories

Seamless Track,Smooth Sliding

✹ Remove the edges and corners make the movement smooth
✹ Easy to use and more efficient in burning calories.

One-click Splicing,Exercise Without Noise

✹ The one-key splicing design makes the low noise system
✹ The sound can be controlled at 50db

Adjustable Hoops Fits For All Size

✹ 15 detachable knots can be easily remove and install by pressing the button.
✹ The hula hoop can be easily adjusted according to your waist circumstance(maxium 47.24 inch),fits for most size of people.

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ABS Skin-friendly Materials

Made of ABS & Skin-friendly plastic material,you can completely use it without worry

ABS Skin-friendly Materials

The one-piece heart shaped gravity ball moves inertially which consumes more calories.

ABS Skin-friendly Materials

The digital counter can record your exercise data exactly in 4 ways:SCAN COUNT,TIME,REPS,CALORIES.Keep pressing the (MODE) key for 3sec or press the (RST) key to automatically clear the current value to 0.It will be auto power off after 3 mins.

ABS Skin-friendly Materials

✹1 x exercise Hoop
✹ 1 x 360g gravity ball with digital counter
✹ 2 x extra sessions
✹ 1 x instruction manual

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