Kettlebell Competition Kettlebell Steel Kettlebell Competition Kettlebell Premium Quality Coated Steelfor Exercise

Size: 18*11.7*27cm
Brand: YW Real
Material: Alloy Steel
Weight: 10LB, 15LB, 20LB, 25LB, 30LB, 35LB, 40LB, 45LB, 50LB.
Color: Can be customized
Logo: Available
MOQ: 500kgs
Package opp +carton
serial number: HL002

Product Detail

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Product details:

✅ Premium quality of steel competition kettlebells with ergonomic design for durable commercial and home use.
✅ Long lasting steel constructed shell body with easy grip and rust resistant handle for grasping and reducing fatigue.
✅ Color-coded design, available from Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Light Blue, Purple, Black for easy identification.
✅ Weight clearly marked, available in 10LB, 15LB, 20LB, 25LB, 30LB, 35LB, 40LB, 45LB, 50LB.
✅ 100% satisfaction guarantee policy for the products.
✅ TRAINING ESSENTIAL: When you’re looking to diversify your workout, cross training sessions or body building, YW Real Sport Rubbber Kettlebells must be part of your fitness equipment collection. Build arm, ab and core muscle strength with these durable kettlebells ranging from 5 to 90 pounds.
✅ STURDY GRIP: Get a grip, literally, when you have this YW Real Sport Rubbber Kettlebell with a odorless virgin rubber finish in your hands. The ergonomic structure and durable solid cast steel construction is easy to handle, even during the most strenuous workouts.
✅PERFECT ADDITION TO YOUR HOME GYM: Whether you are supplying your cross training facility, gym or home gym, these YW Real Sport kettlebells are essential. At YW Real Sport, we believe high-quality fitness equipment, coupled with our Zen Philosophy has led to the creation of premium workout training tools designed for small or large facilities.
✅ THE VARIETY YOU NEED: Diversify your workout by adding more weight to your core training exercises.YW Real Sport is proud to offer a variety of both virgin rubber and urethane kettlebells featuring weight increases by 5 pound increments.
✅ THE YW Real Sport DIFFERENCE: It’s the YW Real Sport difference stemming from a bold dream, a mountain of Taoist philosophy and so much love and dedication that has expanded our global fitness brand into more than 80 countries.

Product description

✮These high-quality competition kettlebells are comfort to grip and are colorfully designed, make you experience the outstanding performance in fitness and weight-training. These kettlebells target all the major muscles and give you versatility within all workouts.

✮Incorporating kettlebells into your daily training plan gives you multiple benefits. As a great conditioning tool, use these kettlebells in key aspects of fitness for endurance, flexibility, balance training, and strength.

✮Kettlebell weight varies and is clearly marked, available in 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs.

✮Add all these weights into your current training program as a supplemental tool for improved performance and physique or use as your main training tool at home or at the gym.

Product Specs:
✮Height: 11.1’’, Body Diameter: 8.3’, Handle Width: 7.3’, Handle Diameter: 1.3’

✮Experience POWERT Competition Kettlebell Weight Sets--the Absolute Best Quality Kettlebells on the Market.

✮You will never forget the satisfactory smile on your face after trying out these amazing kettlebells in your daily workout and training.

✮An absolute must-have addition to your fitness club and home gym.

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