POWER bag with dust Proof Inner Lining, for Everyday use at Home/Outdoor, Cross Training

size * 15kg 16*75cm
* 20kg 20*75cm
* 35kg 25*75cm
material pvc
OEM & ODM accept customized color, logo and package
customized ok
serial number: FZB006

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POWER bag 1-75Lb – with dust Proof Inner Lining, Great Portable Gear for Everyday use at Home/Outdoor, Cross Training, ABS, Shoulders, Leg, Arms .. Lower chances of injuries in case of falling or hitting in comparison to metal kettlebells. If filled with sand won’t break the floor or leave scratches. Ideal for exercises at home, office as don’t require specially organized place.
SUPER STRONG! Sandbag made of premium nylon cordura – durable material that lasts longer than regular fabric. Dust proof inner lining prevent sand and dust coming out of the bag, stay rolled and closed through a workout.Soft rubber handle made for comfortable slip-resistant grip.
WEIGHT ADJUSTABLE! The weight is adjustable, can support 1-20 pounds, suitable for man and women, both for beginners and those who are more advanced. Could be used for fitness training, resistance training, cross training, outdoor and indoor.
CONVENIENCE! EASY TO CLEAN AND SANITIZE. Great lower-cost kettlebell alternative, transportable, easy to disassemble and fold up for storage.
ALL-IN-ONE TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING TOOL. A staple training tool for the entire fitness industrym from CrossFitters to pro athletes to traditional weightlifters. Adjustable Power Bag Weight Lifting Training Nylon Bulgarian Bag Power Bag..The bags are all empty, please fill it by yourself
You can put only water into the bag.
Please be sure you are using it on the
smooth floor otherwise the bag may damaged and please do not over load the bag.
There is a MAX line on the bag, please DO NOTbeyond the line.
Due to strict international shipping law, to some countries, liquids are prohibited to transport.
So there might be no dyes in the package because we have removed away before shipping.
If you like a colorful water bag, you may need to find a dye in your own country.


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