Hula Hoop Weighted Exercise Hoops 8 Section Detachable Design Portable Stainless Steel Weight Adjustable Exercise Hoop

Brand: YW Real
Color : Gray-Pink
Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 36.4 x 36.4 x 1.2 inches
Material : ABS
Feature: 16section detachable
 Modes of packing: white box or custom box
serial number: HLQ010

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[SAFETY MATERIALS & HIGH QUALITY]:The exercise hoop are made of durable materials, stainless steel and high-density thick non-toxic foam. It is suitable for your waist exercise, provides effective massage pressure on your waist without getting hurt.
[REMOVABLE DESIGN & EASY CARRY]: Our weighted hoop is composed of 8 detachable sections, you can adjust the size from 6 to 8 sections according to your preferences, after you install it, the diameter of the weighted hoop is 95cm / 37.4in, which is easy to carry and storage. Suitable for gardens, home, beaches, gyms and lawns etc.
[ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT DESIGN]: Weighted Exercise Hoop is helps for different training phases. It weighs 2.2 pounds, the inner tube is hollow so you can add beans or small steel balls, adjust the weight of the hoop, increase the training intensity as needed.
[HEALTH & FUN WAY TO WORKOUT]: This fantastic home workout hoop can help you burn calories, thin your waist, burn belly fat and exercise the abdomen muscles, also help to shape beautiful arm and leg line, you will get perfect figure and healthy body you want. Ideal for all levels from beginners to professionals!
[HEALTH USE ADVICE]: It is recommended to maintain a stable fitness time of 2-3 groups each time, each group of 10-20 minutes, the beginners use no more than 10 minutes each time, the exercise time you can be adjusted according to your comfort situation every day. Please Do NOT put weighted exercise hoop on your neck to exercise!

Product Description

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Highlights of Our Exercise Hoop:
1. Not very heavy and easy to get hang of it

2. The high-density foam padded which protects your waist from hurt

3. Easily assembled and disassembled you can carry it anywhere you want, home gym, office, travel...

4. You can splice the exercise hoop as you wish, 6 sections exercise hoop is for kids, 7 or 8 sections exercise hoop is for adults

5. Concise while fashionable appearance looks more personalized compared with traditional exercise hoops in a common single color

6. 100% CONFIDENCE-we provide a new exercise hoop should it break within 30 days

Benefits of the Fitness Hoop exercise:
1. Calorie burning as much as possible.

2. Makes balance and coordination on your body.

3. Flexibility increased.

4. Shapes sexy waistline!

5. Lays the foundation for dancing, gym, workout, etc.

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Matters need attention:

1. Do not use exercise hoops within 1 hour before and after meals

2. Do not put an exercise hoop around your neck

3. Pregnant women can not use exercise hoops

4. Be careful not to touch a sharp object

Exercise plan:

1. 4-6 times a week

2. 2-3 groups each time, Each group of 10-20 minutes

3. Rest 10-20 minutes between each two groups

Package Included:

1 X 8 Pieces of exercise Hoop(the assembled exercise hoop weighs about 2 pounds and measures 38 inches wide)

1 X Bonus Accessory: Soft ruler

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