Power Bag Heavy Duty Dry Bag Dumbbell “DryBell” Waterproof Bag – Sand / Water Weight

size 12.2 x 4.25 x 1.57 inches; 12.64 Ounces
material pvc
OEM & ODM accept customized color, logo and package
customized ok
serial number: FZB009

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FILL WITH SAND OR WATER – sand gives optimum results – if using water we suggest lining DryBell with garbage liner to facilitate quicker drying and reduce risk of leakage on swinging
INTERNAL GRADUATIONS allow accurate weight measurement
SOFTGRIP REMOVABLE HANDLE gives a comfortable weight lifting experience and no accidental unfastening of clasp
PACKS DOWN SMALL for throwing in your backpack/suitcase or briefcase (weighs only 100g) but fill for any weight up to a 10kg/22pounds (water) or 16.5kg/36pounds (sand) weight..Introducing Drybell: the world’s first heavy duty drybag built specifically for use as a dumbell.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every hotel, campsite or hostel you stayed at while away from home had a weights room, if you’re like us it never does: biceps curls with a tin of beans in one hand and a milk carton in the other just don’t cut it – so we created DryBell!

We’ve been using drybags to work out with while travelling for years, however there’s a few issues:

With normal drybags you can’t tell how much water or sand is in each bag so if you’re working with two bags or on different days, you usually have uneven weight. The DryBell’s internal graduations tell you exactly how much weight you’re lifting.

Cheaply made dry bags aren’t up to the job – they’re simply not designed to lift weight; we’ve used the toughest materials available meaning these bad boys won’t come apart.

With other drybags, the catch can accidentally come undone (resulting in a wet floor and shoes!) and they are often uncomfortable on the hands. Drybells come with a removable SoftGrip handle which makes accidental unfastening almost impossible and they are not going to chew into your palm like regular drybags.

Fill them with water or sand; sand gives you different weights (10L = 16.5kg with regular sand) so the internal graduations measure water. Sand works best – if you’re using water, line the bag with a garbage bag.

You don’t want to work all year on your beach body just to have it waste away while you’re enjoying the beach!!Order your DryBells today to stay in shape wherever you are!

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